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At Generator Systems Incorporated, we offer one of the strongest brands in industrial diesel standby power:  Generac.  Generac diesel generators are custom configured to meet each customer’ s specific requirements, because each line of business has unique power requirements.  The heavy duty generator engines that are utilized have exhibited superior reliability and performance across a wide range of industrial applications.

So why does GSI – your Ohio diesel generator provider – prefer Generac diesel generators?  Each major component is manufactured in a vertical integrated environment – meaning that higher standards and quality control can be easily maintained – yielding a higher level of reliability for the consumer.  Reliability is what our customers count on.  Not only is reliability a convenience, but is a money save due to reduced repair related costs.

We have a wide range of diesel powered generators and systems for single engine installations - 10kW to 600kW - and multiple diesel generator systems up to 9,000 kW. Power on demand, when you need it. No more costly shut-downs.


Contact us today so we can specify a diesel generator solution that fits your needs and budget. Diesel generators make a lot of sense and our knowledgeable staff can help you understand the merits of diesel powered generators.

Generator Systems Inc. - Working hard on being your diesel generator in Ohio solution!

Latest News
Latest News

Generac to acquire Baldor Electric Company, a subsidiary of ABB Group  Read more

         Generac Closes on the Acquisition of Tower Light Business                                      Read more

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The January/February 2011 edition of Distributed Energy features GSI and our 2x500 kW MPS units at Ecommerce Inc.  Read more

Generac's MPS system solution was featured in the American School and Unveristy's "Top 10 Products of 2010"  Read more

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article informing public readers that the EPA could take up to 7% of power away from the U.S. Many regions will be effected, but the greatest threat is throughout the Midwest; including Ohio!  Read more

Compliance with NFPA 110 is highly important while maintaining your backup power solution. See the attached article for more information.  Read more

The EPA will be changing the regulations for diesel fuel in stationary diesel engines. These new regulations will be put into place October 1st, 2010. Please see below.  Read more

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